writer and artist from upstate new york. interests include: representation, perception, geometry, light, flesh, cartography, recreational drug use, american regional cinema, the wandelweiser school, malt liquor, speleology, slapstick, time abolition, the wind in the trees, serial killers, the culture industry, "conspiracy theories", verfremdungseffekt, a woman's boot pressing my face into the mud, the old west, the theatre of cruelty, vaudeville, gnosticism, harsh noise, "outsider art", the internet and other military technology, the taste of blood, historical materialism, horror movies, the secret & unknowable, the abyss, psyops, wine in glass decanters, south asian classical music, analog media storage technology, the "beyond region", human sacrifice, a good joke, marginalia, tear-stained faces, things that never happened, things that are still happening, etc.

inquiries/solicitations/love letters may be directed to davidcporter (at) protonmail.com, or my twitter DMs.